9:  A computer is the one electrical item always left on standby, this is definitely costing you more than you think!

The power is running and your computer is ready to fire up as soon as you hit the log on button, well the price you pay for that convenience is AU$370 per year.

Now think, how much could you save by hitting the power down button every time. It may be a little inconvenient to wait a couple of minutes to load up, think about the price you pay for convenience.

8: Your DVD / Bluray player is reasonably energy efficient, however, with all the subscription TV available just think when was the last time you watched a DVD / Bluray?

Turning off the player instead of leaving in standby could go towards the purchase of the latest blockbuster. To keep a typical player sitting waiting for you to play a movie is burning an average AU$21 per year hole in your pocket.

2: Air conditioning everyone has someone in the house who is either too hot or too cold. Careful use of an air conditioner could save you a fortune! 

Every extra degree cooler on that hot sunny day adds an extra 10% in running cost. That's not all! The temptation to crank down that dial by just 1 degree increases the cost as a whole so, $100 dollar charge becomes $110 then $110 crank the dial  degree again this becomes $121, keep cranking and the charge keeps growing.

10: That large T.V. you've always wanted, have you considered how much it costs to run?

Well don't worry too much, a typical 50" TV costs about AU$145 per year, that's less than three dollars a week or much less than a typical Perth Coffee. What about leaving the TV in standby? 

The truth is it doesn't cost as much as you'd think, a typical TV costs around AU$3.71 per year if it was left in standby. Now that's not going to break the bank, here's the catch - how many TVs do you have?

A typical family may have a TV in the living area, one in the theatre room, one in the main bedroom and one outside on the deck, don't forget one for the kids room. Now this starts to add up, if we multiply that (let's say three TVs) by the number of households in the Perth metro area alone (630,000) we come to a figure of just over 7 million dollars (AU) in standby use alone.

6:  Printers just sit there patiently waiting for us to print out that masterpiece we've been working on or those concert tickets but did you know it costs around AU$14 a year for your printer to flash its lights to tell you that it's low on yellow ink!

4:Your fridge is an expensive, greedy culprit when it come to eating the electrical units,

You can't do without it, but you can certainly keep the costs down. A well stocked fridge / freezer is cheaper to run as your not cooling a big block of air which will escape as soon as you open the door, make sure your seals are good so that it keeps the cool in and the heat out. and finally only cool it to the temperature you need rather than to coldest setting it will go.

We've all heard the stories about leaving the TV on standby and how much it costs, well hopefully this feature will bust the myths.

5: We all need internet, we all crave it, we can't do without it, but what is it costing us?  Your average WIFI router costs around AU$ 25.51 per year to keep it's lights flashing and keep us connected.

7: How about that Playstation you have sitting there waiting for you to pick up the remote, well if you leave it on standby that is going to cost you the same as having 6 TVs on standby at AU$24 per year. Again, this isn't a huge amount on its own, but have you been adding up the costs so far?

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3: At  AU$34.79 a tablet  or standard phone charger is not breaking the bank.

Although let's be honest a phone is no good unless it is charged.

We need our hand held devices for our Facebook addiction and Snapchat and selfies with rabbit ears, but have you considered just switching off the charger when it's not in use?

Consider this, is it worth paying extra money for each charger that is left plugged in? These days everybody in the house has at least one phone. Activity: go around your home and count how many devices you have with chargers? Include things like; tablets, Kindles, phones and laptops.

Then multiply your total by $34.79, WOW that's becoming enough money for a night in a hotel with dinner!

1: Light globes

Incandescent globes although cheap to buy, not so much when you get your power bill. At a single cost of AU$77.30 to run for a year if they are left on for 8 hours a day.

Fortunately for those of us that have individuals in the house that leave every light on incandescent globes are being replaced by the more energy efficient Halogen globes. Big saving here, leaving a typical halogen globe on for the same time reduces your cost to AU$38.65 per year.

Compared with the new LED technology, a typical down light left on for 8 hours a day will reduce the cost to AU$6.96 per light. Multiply the yearly cost by how many lights you have on at any time and you can really see the savings add up. 


We can save you money and keep your hard earned cash for other things than power bills. This fact is hard to beat!

Our supplied and installed down lights have a 7 year replacement warranty, with typical expected lifespan of 14 years with continuous average daily use. Downlights look great, run cooler and can be covered in insulation to avoid losing efficiency in home heating or cooling, unlike halogen that have to have a clear barrier that lets heat and cool air escape to stop the insulation in the roof space from potentially catching fire.