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EC # 11705

The Test and tag process for all electrical equipment and appliances is as easy as one, two, and three.

1. The Electrician looks very carefully at the item to check for defects for example, discolouration of wires, bare metal, melted plastic etc.
2. The equipment or appliance is tested on a dedicated machine that electronically records pass or fail outcomes

3. A Tag is then attached to the equipment or appliance which clearly states when the item was tested, when it must be tested again and who tested it

There are strict Test and Tag Laws for the following situations:

  • Commercial / Business Premises
  • Mining Operations​

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In your working environment, any portable appliances need to be tested regularly. Different environments and types of apparatus determine how frequently the tests are required to be carried out.

We can help you organise this, with our computerised systems, we can test each appliance and keep records of all of your equipment.

Our records manager will send out reminders when the tests are due or with prior arrangement we can make a standing order to visit every time and take the worry away from you.

We will carry out visual inspections of each of your appliances, then we will do an electrical test to determine that it works correctly, finally we will carry out an earth leakage test.

Test and Tag