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EC # 11705

What is a compliant smoke alarm?

To comply with the Regulations owners must ensure that the smoke alarm(s):

Are in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) applicable at the time of installation of the alarms

(The BCA specifies the minimum standards and location that smoke alarms must comply with which includes replacement every ten years)

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Smoke Detectors


RCDs and Smoke Detectors

RCDs save lives, that's why from 2009 it became law that all home sellers and landlords needed to install at least two RCDs to protect all lighting and power circuits.

RCDs are a safety device that monitors the flow of electricity in the home, if there is an imbalance, this will cause the RCD to trip almost instantaneously. Usually this will trip before anyone touches a faulty device, however the speed of the device is designed so that if the imbalance is caused by a human touch, it will react quickly enough to protect your life.

Any problems with the RCD not tripping or resetting is something you need to rectify.

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We can also test the RCD using a special meter that measures the exact current that causes the device to trip and can pinpoint exactly to the millisecond how quickly it shuts down the power.