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EC # 11705

Have you just had electrical work completed?  

Our Installation Review offers you an unbiased report on any installation whether it be a new home or a electrical service addition. Electrical installation reporting is a complete service that goes further than a RCD push button test.

We will assess the work completed to ensure it complies with the Australian Wiring Rules as well as the West Australian Electricity Regulations. We will carry out a complete measurement of the circuits to ensure the RCDs will function correctly including;

  • smoke alarm function
  • light fittings
  • socket outlets
  • wiring in loft areas
  • earth fault loops
  • capacity and correct circuit breakers of each circuit

To remain impartial we will report and recommend the original installer make good any defects. We will ALWAYS abide by our duty as electricians and will not leave an unsafe installation, that may mean we have to isolate certain parts of the circuit and in some cases may have to report issues to Energy Safety. 

Installation Review