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EC # 11705

You must never use indoor lighting or electrical fittings outdoors even if semi undercover.

You should ensure all wires and lighting are installed safely, especially outdoors where electrical installations are exposed to the elements.

It is a sad fact that chewing on an electrical cord is the most common type of electrical injury for household pets.

Electrical Safety Outdoors

Install switches in convenient places indoors so when you go outdoors you are not fumbling in the dark.Install motion detectors to automatically turn on lights when someone approaches your front door or walks up the garden path. Most detectors can be adjusted so that tree movement and pets do not trigger lights when you are trying to sleep. You can be creative with your lighting and set your light levels to the level of light as it descends on cost effective timer systems. 

Activity Lighting

Everyone likes to gather in the outdoor area for family dinner or drinks with friends. Creating an impressive outdoor entertaining area is easy with concealed lighting and discreet feature illumination. You may just want some light over the bar and that’s an easy fix!

Outdoor lighting can really change the image of your property, it can be targeted to light up walk ways for safety, installed to illuminate target areas such as doorways and garages to keep away unwanted intruders or create a dramatic lighting feature when dusk falls.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Entertaining

Exterior Lighting